Monday, May 15, 2017

Not really a post

Hello to everyone that passes by.
This post is not really a post I had completely forgot about the existence of this blog, but I'm going to use it to upload the picture of a young male wood elf for a virtual D&D campaign I'm playing.
Have all a nice day!
P.S. I've read enough mangas, manhuas and manhwas to now be an otaku, and not only that, also a sickly fujoshi. I hope to post later about all my favourite asian comics. Maybe I'll give this some time in summer or next semester when I feel like procrastinating.

I have no idea who made them, I just found them referenced to The Forgotten Realms.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Webtoon Manhwa: Papi Nyang

Hello again everyone!
         I’m sure you’re getting ready to return to school in this month or the next … couf couf … because I start classes again on monday 6  TTwTT
The final torture is coming next … ♫ 5th IB semester!!!! ♫ :D
TT-TT I have to survive if I want my diploma.
         Today I want to present you a really cute manhwa which is a webtoon named Papi Nyang. I fell in love with the story even before start reading it because of the cute characters, more Chev which is in the cover. x3
Here is it: 

Name in Korean: 빠삐냥
Drawn and story created by Guava
Released in 2008
Originally published online on Blog Naver (NAVER 블로그) in guava85 account.
Genres:  Slice of Life, Drama, and some also consider it Shoujo, though I do not.         
Gorba Chev, a fiesty Turkish Angora cat, dreams of escaping from his so called "prison". However, when he finally succeeds, he finds there is a hidden darkness in the outer world...

Gorba Chev is a feisty white kitten owned by a kind and caring young woman -- yet he often dreams of escaping from the "prison" that is his owner's apartment.
When he eventually succeeds, Chev joyfully prepares to embrace his new life of freedom and adventure; but soon finds out that reality is a sadistic mistress and a very cruel teacher...

This manhwa by today August 4, 2012 is already completed with 28 chapters.

         This cute manga, as you can infer is about the live of a cute little cat (I love cats) named Chev which wants to scape home as he thinks is a kind of prison, but he ends up discovering that world outside isn’t as nice as he thought before, and even he ends up sick wanting to return home. Don’t think I’m just spoiling you the story, because that is just the beginning of the story, as there happen many other things.
Chev gets to know many other cats, most of them street cats, which conform the story, apart from some human characters as the owner.
         The drawings are really good and cute, also the author posted some information about the cats with pictures. This manhwa is based on real life events, but Guava explains that at least 70% of the story was made up by her. :P

         I really recommend you to read this manhwa, as the manga before (Hourou Musuko) but this story because is heart-moving (at least for me), I’m sure you will love it too if you love animals (or at least like cats). :3

         Well this was my last post before returning to classes, I’m sure it’ll be a long time before I make another post, but I wish to do many more as I have my stupid computer again with me and now it works properly as a Mac is supposed to do (I hate iMac’s >:C ).

Have a nice weekend everyone, 
enjoy the time you have left of your summer vacations and rest well,
if you enter classes as me I wish you good luck and success.
Bye~ bye~
GBU all!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Manga: Hourou Musuko, The Transient Son


Hello everyone!

      Sorry for not posting for sooooo long, this is a really fast post as I decided to started it today and ended it today when usually for a recommendation about any comic I take at least two days, and approximately 6 to 9 hours at all. 

Let me introduce you this cute manga which was really of my liking: *o*

Original Name: 放浪息子
Alternative Names (English): The Transient Son, The Wandering Son
Author: Shimura Takako
Released in 2002
Magazine: Comic Beam
Publishing Company: Enter Brain
Genres: Drama, Gender Bender, Slice of Life, Romance, School Life, Seinen


Fifth grader Nitori Shuuichi is a rather feminine boy who looks good in girl's clothes, enjoys things like baking, and tends to have mostly female friends. He and his sixth grade sister Maho transfer to a new school, where Shuuichi ends up sitting next to Takatsuki Yoshino, a tomboy that he gets along well with. Soon, they both discover each other's secrets, and find that they are not so different; in fact, they are very much the same.

Neither Shuuichi nor Takatsuki can tell anybody their secret....

By today July 26, 2012 this manga have 111 chapters, 14 volumes released, and is still ongoing.

            I started to read this manga just a few hours ago instead of finishing cleaning my room, I was a bit bored and I didn’t wanted to work on my IB projects, I thought that reading manga would be interesting, but I wanted a story different from what I usually read. I like gender bender, but before I just have read stories of girls that acted like boys, but I thought that to read stories about boys like girls would be interesting. So I entered a manga page and wrote  ‘gender bender’ on the Search bar. A really large list showed up from female and male gender bender.
            I started to read the titles, and see the pictures of each comic, then read the descriptions; some of them had just been released, so then I started to also look at the status of the comics. 
            I read two One-Shot mangas, I read the Daughter of Devil manga (from The Evil Vocaloid Music saga) which hasn’t been completed, and saw some mangas that I’ve already read (I’m planning to make recommendation of those in the future).
I saved some mangas in my list ‘To read’ but this one caught my attention, so I say, ‘why not read it now’ .

          Once I started to read it I couldn’t stop, I really loved the story. Because at first they introduce you children, but those children grow up, and you can see how they become teenagers. Also it is really interesting because the Kids as they reach puberty, they are in searching of what they are and what they want to be in the future, they commit some stupid mistakes that I’m sure most of us did at that age: have they fights, have romances, and everything that can happen on that part from the road of life.

          In the description of the manga just Nitori-kun and Takatsu-chan are mentioned, the girly boy and the tomboy. But there are other characters almost as important as them, whom without them, the story would be also meaningless. Those other adults and children help Nitori and Takatsu to keep up going on what they wanted to be and do, some of those other characters are or were the same as them. Also the families from all the characters have influence in the story, because in case of Takatsu, her mother wanted her to be feminine; while in case of Nitori, his family didn’t matter if he was boy or wanted to be a girl. The same happens with the families of the other characters. Some of those families, I think I would like to have a family like that, that would cheer for you and let you be what you want (I like to wear boys clothing and act like a boy sometimes, but other times I want to wear skirts, dresses, and be feminine. So I wanted to cut my hair like a boy and buy a wig).

          The drawing are good, thought is not the kind of drawings I like the most. I told you the story is really good, I haven’t finished it, but I loved what I’ve read. Sadly I can’t say anymore about the manga because I don’t have more information, as I just started since a few hours ago. But I REALLY, REALLY recommend you to read the story, it is really good!!!!

Well, I’m really excited by now, I think that after posting this I would be able to calm down. I wish you had liked it.
どうもありがとうございました! ^_^
みんな! 良い一日を! 
I wish you to have a really nice upcoming weekend,
to be healthy,
to be happy,
to be successful.
GBU a lot!
Good Luck! (if you believe in luck)

PS: here I leave you some pictures from Daughter of the Devil manga, if you has already watched the musical videos, and know the story of The Evil Vocaloid saga, read the manga. If you haven’t seen any of them yet, then read the manga and watch the videos. The manga makes you understand some things that are not clear or not even mentioned in the videos.

The Evil Saga, Main Part, videos in Chronological Order

Complementary to Evil Saga
Daughter of the Vengeance

Friday, May 18, 2012

A random drawing I made

Hello everyone, this is a drawing that i made like two weeks ago instead of finishing my TOK essay, xD.
Hola a todos, este es dibujo que hice hace como dos semanas en lugar de terminar mi ensayo de TdC, xD.

What's On the drawing?
Qué hay en el dibujo?
  • I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good. - The Marauder Map (sorry because I forgot to write the 'n', se me olvidó poner la 'n') (J.K. Rowling)
  • "The art of trolling"
  • "It is not against the rules until you're caught." - Fred and George Weasley (J.K. Rowling)
  • Soul Eater - Soul Eater (Ookubo Atsushi)
  • The Deathly Hallows (The Elder Wand, The Resurection Stone, The Invisibility Cape.) (J.K. Rowling)
  • International Baccalaureate logo/logo del Bachillerato Internacional
  • a cute strawberry saying "Oh, sweet Jesus! The glory of God." because my brother saw a delicious dessert which had strawberry
  • an 'S' saying "Up to Slytherin's house, though I wanted to be a Ravenclaw" because my Pottermore House is Slytherin. (J.K. Rowling)
  • "On my way to the top? Naah! Is just because I want to die younger."
  • Triforce - The Leyend of Zelda
  • Kirby in Chibi
  • "Praise The Lord!" - An ugly drawing of me when I'm finally able to go to bed and sleep. "Wish it was Infinite. Curse you IB!"
  • 9gag - Happy Face*Comment+Like=You Have Homework to do+No Sleep
  • semilla deTrúfula
  • "I have no idea what am I doing"
  • "Math Exam on Monday... I should be finishing TOK essay."
  • "I'm the ugliest Derpina that exist in the whole world, but still 'Me Gusta'!"
  • DeadMan WonderLand Prison Logo - Deathman Wonderland
  • Chopper Hat Cross - One Piece (Eiichiro Oda)
  • "Weasley is our King!" - HP5 (J.K. Rowling)
  • Nyan Cat
  • Let's Go -  K-ON! (Kakifly/Araki Fuu)
  • Clow Card/Carta Clow - Sakura Card Captor (CLAMP)
  • Gadwëi Ignasia - Eragon Saga (Christopher Paolini)
  • LiW - Lolita in Wonderland
  • Usakumya, pet from BTSSB (Baby, The Stars Shine Bright)
  • Lucky Star Mangaka Cat (Yoshimizu Kagami)
  • Sunagakure symbol - Naruto (Masashi Kishimoto)
  • Fairy Tail Guild logo - Fairy Tail (Mashima Hiro)
  • Ryuugu Rena's knife - Higurashi Naku no Koro Ni (Ryukishi 07/Suzuragi Karin)
  • The Mortal Instriments (The Sword, The Cup, The Mirror/Lake) (Clarissa Clare)
  • vudú doll - Jigoku Shoujo (Etoo Miyuki)
  • Azumanga Daioh white cat (Azuma Kiyohiko)
  • Blood Tiara (novel and manhua versions) - 1/2 Prince (Yu Wo)
  • Dango Daikazoku - CLANNAD (Key)
  • Toad/Mushroom - Mario Bros.
  • Apple "That should be doing it."(in rememberance of Ryuk the Shinigami) - Death Note (Ouba Tsugumi, Asami Yuuko)
  • " 'Always,' said Snape." - HP7 (J.K. Rowling)
  • "Amor est vilae vitae essentia." - referring to the Weasly family. 
  • "OH! Bella TI-84! (kn fracciones y suma sigma.)"

Thanks for reading this abandoned blog, I wish you'd liked this post. See ya!
Gracias por leer este blog abandonado, Espero que les haya gustado. Hasta luego!
I wish you to have a nice weekend, Good-bye!
Les deseo un buen fin de semana, Bye!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hola todas las personitas!

Hola a todos,

Este es mi primer post en español,  XD (ya lo han de saber, CLARAMENTE)
Espero que estén todos bien, que ojalá ustedes si hayan descansado en sus “vacaciones” de semana santa, no los hayan desmadrugado, ni desvelado, ni hayan tenido que quedarse haciendo tareas -_- .

Aunque sé que simplemente no tiene nada que ver con lo que se trata el blog: comics asiáticos.
Y ahorita mismo debería estar haciendo tarea que no hice porque me quedé dormida dos horas :S ,
Lo que hace desvelarse el día anterior haciendo tareas….

Anyway! (Como sea!)

También la vez pasada quería hacer una entrada en español sobre otras páginas que igual tratan comics asiáticos, pero más que recomendaciones, son sponsors y releasers de los comics, es decir son grupos que compran (y lo escanean o consiguen el raw) el comic, para posteriormente editar, traducir, publicar, y permitir que lleguen a nuestras tan “preciadas” computadoras personales o de escritorio frente a nosotros para que podamos leer tan bellas o geniales historias creadas por personas en otra parte del mundo (en la cual la mayoría de nosotros no tenemos los recursos para ir, lo que es ser pobre TT_TT).

América Latina estilo Hetalia
Este blog me gustaría también hacerlo algo personal, pues creo ya había explicado, que este blog fue originalmente creado con el simple propósito escolar de cumplir con un proyecto semestral de mi clase de  High Level IB English. Para nosotros en México (algunas regiones) sólo le decimos las clase de Inglés Avanzado BI, punto, no la llamamos Superior, a como mate o física en BI: Mate Nivel Medio, Mate Nivel Superior;  a muchos compañeros les dio miedo saber que llevábamos inglés en nivel superior igual que lengua y literatura de lengua hispana, xD . Para aquellas criaturas que no sepan bien que es BI o IB, estas son Bachillerato Internacional o International Baccalaureate en inglés; soy actualmente una IB student, pero pienso regresar a Bachillerato Bicultural, y estoy haciendo mi EE(Extended Essay) o Monografía en Física :D , aunque llevo Ambientales ¬_¬ .
El proyecto consistió en crear un blog de tema libre y crear publicaciones semanales si era posible, y una vez al mes debíamos hacer una investigación de ese tema más profunda, de un cierto rango de palabras, con citas MLA, y todo ese mugrerío. Ejemplo de estos son los posts de CLAMP y el de la SHOUNEN JUMP. Aunque ya igual, al final, el último parcial el profe ya ni checaba las entradas, le valieron e igual nos ponía 100, xD , que triste. (nota extra: en Facebook existe una página de IB memes, están geniales, más los de historia ns, mate ns, TOK, y física ns.)
esto me pasó con H.P.

Más ahora, como ya hace meses que terminó el semestre pasado, y este semestre ya está casi en su término, pues empezé a publicar otras cosas tales como Cómo llegué a conocer los Comics Asiáticos (en inglés). Repito para mí, debería estar haciendo tarea, no he terminado ESCUCHA ni OP, la tarea #5 de mate, el proyecto de Info, y me faltan 400 palabras de Mono -_- .  Oh, y al fin empecé a leer Harry Potter, nunca había visto una película completa y nunca había leído un solo libro; los empecé hace un mes, leo un libro por semana, pero creo que estos últimos me tomarán dos, porque eso me ha llevado la Orden del Fénix, y voy a comenzar el capítulo 22.
Regulus, Severus, Lupin, James, Sirius, Peter, Lily, Lucius.
Aunque viéndolo de otro lado, leo los libros alternos en inglés y español, así que practico mi lectura y comprensión en ambos idiomas. Y si bien, obvio me puse a buscar cómo eran los personajes en la película (no he visto las película aún), y pues encontré fotos de los personajes en estilo anime, obvio ahí va el fanatismo Otaku, :B , y nunca puede faltar alguna chica yaoísta o chico yurísta que sube una foto estilo yaoi-hentai o yuri-hentai de los personajes.

Ahora creo que debería irme a dormir, pero igual aquí anda mi hermano escuchando musica felizmente, xD . Sé que vos no os incumben mis propios problemas y pensamientos, aunque de igual manera los pongo :P .
Pero bueno, aún sigo sin laptop (se volvió a ‘fregar’, el disco duro, y la tarjeta del internet inalámbrico).

Muchas gracias a aquellos que leen este blog medio abandonado, medio sin-sentido, x3 .
Que tengan una bonita semana, espero que les vaya muy bien, terminen sus deberes a tiempo, puedan tener tiempo de esparcimiento, pues Dios les bendiga (si creen en Dios, sino ignoren el comentario), y yo me despido. :3 nyaaa~!

PD/PS : les dejo unas bonitas fotos photoshopeadas de One Piece y Star Wars. (Now I leave you here some photoshoped pictures of One Piece and Star Wars.)